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Originating in present-day Afghanistan, the pulouar is a saber that is mostly associated with the Pashtuns.

Stylistically it holds the middle between Persian sabers, most notably the quillons, while the bulged grip and disc pommel remind of similar features on Indian talwar hilts.

The blades, in turn, vary from Persian to Indian style but also often exhibit Eastern European features.


Afghan pulouarA very fine Afghan pulouar


Afghan police in Kabul

Afghan police in Kabul, photo by John Burke, 1879.
Source: The British Library

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With vintage silver mounted scabbard.


This unassuming dagger has one of the finest wootz blades with a tight ladder pattern.


An archaic form of dagger that survived in Afghanistan.


Made around 1900 in Alwar, Rajasthan, for the tourist market.


With very fine twistcore barrel.


A Chinese shortsword made by a well-known Longquan maker.