Language: Nepali
Source: A 1931 dictionary


Phaulād (फौलाद्) is the Nepali word for wootz, from the Persian faulād.

Nepalese edged weapons are usually made of laminated steel, sometimes with an inserted hardened edge. Some finer pieces are pattern welded, often with a pattern consisting of a multitude of fine dots.

Wootz was also known in Nepal, and on rare occasions used for making khukurī blades which are now highly sought after by collectors.


Further reading

See the glossary article on wootz.


1. Sir Ralph Lilley Turner; A comparative and etymological dictionary of the Nepali language. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1931.

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Late 17th century. With wootz blade and enamel chape.


Made using Persian wootz. Pronounced features, chiseled socket.


Finely crafted wootz blade, and golden inlays at the base.


Of jambiya form, with pattern welded blade and fine silver scabbard mounts.


Blade of Persian shamshir form, but of Indian make. Mounts in Kutch style gilt copper.


Of Kham area regional style, with a grip studded with turquoises and corals.