The national sword of Bhutan, the patag has a straight, single-edged blade and was typically worn on the right hip. This is fairly unusual, most cultures around the world customarily wear a sword on the left hip so it is easy to grasp with the right hand.

Among patag were many gradations in quality, and some were reserved for certain ranks. Those entirely clad in silver represent the highest quality of Bhutanese swords. From the times of Ugyen Wangchuck onwards, silver-clad Bhutanese patag with a scabbard midsection with wavy patterns called churi chemn are in particular associated with the king himself.

They were not exclusively worn by kings though, Ugyen Wangchuck's most trusted advisor also wore one. At the same time, we can see people as close to the king as the king's father, would wear a much simpler scabbard.

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With wootz handle with fine pierced pommel dome.


A large Kachin style square-ended dha in Shan style mountings.


Presented by the local Dai nobility to a British customs officer in 1936.


With designs of four dragons in scrollwork around a "wish-granting-jewel"


A fine Chinese straightsword blade, of typical Qing form with a rather wide profile.


Chiseled with a rare type of decor on the base, and with two Islamic inscriptions.

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