Language: Kachin
Source: Gazetteer of Upper Burma and the Shan States, 1901


Ntugalu is a Kachin word for a long, straight sword. It is probably the typical Kachin-type sword with flat tip.

"East of Bhamo Mr. George says the Kachins use a long straight sword, about two and a half feet long, which they call ntugalu. These, with the more orthodox Linkin are said to be manufactured mostly by the Tareng, the Nga-chang, and possibly also the Khunnongs. Like the wild Wa the average Chingpaw cannot or does not make his own dha." 1

-Sir James George Scott, 1901


1. Sir James George Scott; Gazetteer of Upper Burma and the Shan States. Volume I, Part I. Page 431.



A sword that fits this description well was acquired in 1871 by Dr.  John Andersen, a zoologist and adventurer who traveled extensively through the area. It is held in the British Museum, accession number As.7540.a.

Kachin sword 1871

The Kachin sword collected by John Andersen in 1871.
British Museum accession number As.7540.a.
Photo: British Museum.


Kachin dha

A more elaborate version, in Shan style silver mounts.
Sold by Mandarin Mansion in 2020.

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In excavated condition, with copper alloy hilt.


With silver overlay on iron even continued on its hilt.


Fine Mindan dha with a scene from the Ramayana on its blade.


Fine silver overlaid dha made in Mindan village, south of Mandalay, gained fame in the 19th…


One of the rarest forms of dha, with a hilt and scabbard carved like a bird.


The thick and heavy blade is marked with a script that has yet to be identified.