Language: Burmese
Source: Period account


Maung Pyo was a Burmese craftsman who was active in Mindan Village, Yamethin District. He came from a lineage of artists specializing in smithing combined with silver overlay work, going back five generations. His father was Saya Lan.

He and his father were interviewed by E.N. Bell who wrote a monograph on Burmese iron and steel work in 1907.1

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Burmese dagger

A Burmese dagger or dha-hmyuang, made by Saya Pyo.


1. E.N. Bell I.C.S.; A Monograph on Iron and Steel Work in Burma. Rangoon, Superintendent, Government Printing Burma, 1907. Page 21.

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A signed and dated Burmese dha.


Very rare set of Burmese knives from Mindan village.


For holding and protecting important documents.


With silver overlay on iron even continued on its hilt.


Fine Mindan dha with a scene from the Ramayana on its blade.