Language: Long Way Dayak
Source: 1887 source


Mata-djoh is the Long Way Dayak word for a type of decoration consisting of S-shaped ornaments.1


Drawing of Sultan's mandau

A drawing of the Sultan's mandau with mata-djoh inlays.
Illustration from Tromp, 1887. (See notes.)


Mandau decoration

Illustration from Tromp, 1887. (See notes.)

E.) Mata djoh

F.) Mata kalong

G.) Tap-set-sien 



1. S.W. Tromp; Mededeelingen omtrent mandau's. Den Haag, 1887. Published in Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie,  International Gesellschaft für Ethnographie; Rijksmuseum van Oudheden te Leiden, 1888. Volume 1, pages 22-26.

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A very rare Chinese saber guard dating from the height of the Qing dynasty.


Late 17th century. With wootz blade and enamel chape.


With iron, silver overlaid hilt. Its associated scabbard features fine quillwork.


With Persian style blade, showing Indian workmanship.


A rare type of dagger from South Kalimantan, loosely based on Islamic daggers seen worn by traders.


An old Korean hornbow from the 50s or 60s with string and arrows.