Language: Sinhalese


Liya-vẹla is a type of decorative work that literally means "vegetable ornament". It is one of the hallmarks of Sinhalese work and is found executed in all materials including wood, ivory, horn, silver, gold, and iron, and even embroidery.

It consists of scrollwork of repetitive floral motifs, usually linked in an elongated series.


Liya-vela on a Sinhalese kasthane swordLiya-vela on the silver-clad forte of a Sinhalese kasthané.



Ananda K. Coomaraswamy; Medieval Sinhalese art: being a monograph on medieval Sinhalese arts and crafts, mainly as surviving in the eighteenth century, with an account of the structure of society and the status of the craftsmen, Second Edition, Pantheon Books, New York, 1956. Pages 98-99.


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A nice example of a rare type of weapon from the Sinhalese arsenal.


A large circular Asian export sword guard with elaborate decor carved in relief on both sides.


A very fine specimen, complete with ruby-set scabbard.

Price on request

A massive example weighing just over 800 grams. With scabbard.


Fitting in a single scabbard. Modest for Sinhalese work.


With heavy pierced silver mounts in with archaic dragon designs.

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