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Language: Possibly from the Malay
Source: Dutch colonial sources


Lila or lilla is the name for a type of cannon, often mounted as a swivel cannon, that was commonly used on vessels around the Malay archipelago. According to Gardner, writing in 1934, it was named after the heroine in the popular story Layla and Majnun.


Lila captured pre 1667Lila captured pre 1667

Two lila, captured by the Dutch around Java before 1667.
Rijksmuseum accession numbers NG-MC-1103 and NG-NM-9765.


A Lila in the Rijksmuseum collection

Lila in the Rijksmuseum collection, accession number NG-MC-1105.
Captured from pirates near Tanjung Pulisan on the north-eastern tip of Celebes. April 1856.
Barrel thought to be of Borneo make.


1. C. J. Smits; Gedenkboek van het Koninklijk-Militair Invalidenhuis Bronbeek. P. Gouda Quint, Arnhem, 1881. Page 6.
2. G.B. Gardner; Keris and other Malay weapons, Progressive Publishing Company, Singapore, 1936.


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A curious slashing weapon from northern Borneo.


A textbook example of this rare and early type of keris.


Carved of amber-colored horn, with an ancestral face with metal inlays.


Very good example with a finely carved warrior scene.


Based on the Dutch Beaumont mechanism, but with Indonesian twist forged barrel and golden inlays.


A large gun with English flintlock mechanism, as favored by the Mirs of the Talpur court. In very good…