Language: Vietnamese

Origin of term: Primary reference


Khiên () is the Vietnamese word for a circular shield of rattan, much like the téngpái (藤牌) of China. The traditional Vietnamese uses the alternative Chinese character dùn ().

A Vietnamese rattan shield

A typical Vietnamese rattan shield. Sold by Mandarin Mansion in 2018.


Khiên is illustrated in the Dictionnaire Franco-Tonkinois illustré of Hanoi (Tonkin) of 1808.1

Khien in Dictionnaire Franco-Tonkinois illustré


1. F.H. Schneider; Dictionnaire Franco-Tonkinois illustré, F.H. Schneider Imprimeur / Editeur, Hanoi, 1808. Page 164-165.


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It has a narrow but sturdy blade with a springy temper.


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An outstanding example with very fine silver and moth-of-pearl work.


Modeled after the Chinese "guan dao", made of lacquered wood.


With pierced mounts and velvet-covered scabbard.


Called sung hoả mai in Vietnamese, they are based on the Indo-Portuguese system. This example has a baitong…