Language: Sinhalese
Source: Standard literature


Kaḷas-daṉgaya is a Sinhalese term for a decorative motif that consists of a mesh-like pattern with floral elements.1

It is also called koḷa vẹla which literally means "leafy branch"



Kola Vela

Right: On a patisthānaya sold here in 2019.
Left: From a lacquered spear shaft in the Colombo museum.


Further reading

Article: Sinhalese lacquer work

1. See Ananda K. Coomaraswamy; Medieaval Sinhalese Art, Pantheon Books, New York, Second Edition of the 1908 original, 1956. Page 216-217.

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Of the chopper variety, with a finely carved ivory hilt.


With carved horn hilt and characteristic finger guard.


Of nice quality, with unusual openwork silver bolster with serapendiya.


Rarely seen today, a commoner's example with carved, bone hilt.


Russet iron, one-piece construction with decorative grooves.


Ryutaro was the son of Fukutake Ichirō (1928-2002).