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The jiànruìyíng (健銳營) was an elite unit under the Qing dynasty Eight Banners. They were founded in the mid 18th century by the Qianlong emperor. The unit consisted of a few thousand hand-picked men of exceptional martial ability that got special training in overcoming difficult terrain, rivers, and fortifications. They were the Qing military equivalent of today's special forces.

In Manchu: Silin dacungga kūwaran literally meaning: "Elite Sharp Army".


The jiànruìyíng (健銳營) was headed by commanders, called zǒngtǒng (總統). Their number was not fixed. The posts were often held by Qīnwáng (親王) or "Princes of the Blood".

The jiànruìyíng was divided into two wings, each commanded by a Wing Commander, Yìzhǎng (翼長).

The next ranks were:

Colonel of the Vanguard, Qiánfēng Cānlǐng (前鋒參領).
Senior Lieutenant-Colonel of the Vanguard,  Qiánfēng Cānlǐng (副前鋒參領).
Junior Lieutenant-Colonel of the Vanguard, Shǔ Qiánfēng Cānlǐng (署前鋒參領).
Lieutenant of the Vanguard, Qiánfēng Xiào (前鋒校).
Sub-Lieutenant of the Vanguard, Fù Qiánfēng Xiào (副前鋒校).
1st class Private of the Vanguard, Qiánfēng (前鋒).
2st class Private of the Vanguard, Wěi Qiánfēng (委前鋒).


See the full article: Jianruiying; introduction


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