Language: Japanese
Source: In common use


Inome (猪目) literally means "boar's eye". They are heart-shaped elements that often feature on Japanese arms and armor, including tsuba and other sword mounts, arrowheads, polearm mounts, etc.

The inome refers to the bravery and determination with which a provoked wild boar would attack his attacker.

Yanone MetmuseumA Japanese arrowhead, yanone, with boar's eye cutout.
Metropolitan Museum accession number 32.75.357.
From the Collection of Giovanni P. Morosini, presented by his daughter Giulia, 1932.


Tsuba with inome

A sword guard with four inome cutouts on each corner. A typical shape for tachi guards.
Author's collection.

1. Markus Sesko; Encyclopedia of Japanese Swords. Markus Sesko Print and Publishing: Lulu Enterprises, 2014. Page 135.

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The Yagami school were excellent carvers of iron, known for their 1000 monkey designs.


Japanese sword guard depicting three wise monkeys conveying the message see no evil, hear no evil, speak no…


The very detailed mountings are decorated with designs of Japanese spiny lobsters.

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A fine and unusually large tsuba. Attributed to Hizen by the NBTHK.


Executed in "nanban style" openwork with chiseled and gold-encrusted peonies.


A peculiar tsuba with a depiction of Bodhidharma and two dragon chasing a pearl.