Language: Indonesian


Hulu Radon literally means "female hilt". It is the name for a Javanese keris hilt depicting a stylized veiled female figure, often thought to represent Durga.

Durga is the Hindu warrior goddess who is worshipped by many Indian warrior castes. She is a manifestation of Uma, wife of Shiva the Destroyer.

Hulu Balu Mekabun is an alternative name for the hilt, meaning "veiled widow hilt".

See Sejr Karsten Jensen; Krisdisk. Chapter 6 and Cedric Le Dauphin; Kriss Handles from Java. Paris, 2023. Pages 64-67.



The story behind the hilt is most likely that of Uma, the companion of Shiva who was disloyal to him with Brahma. When Shiva found out, he punished her by turning her into a terrible demon for 12 years and condemning her to live on a graveyard. She veiled herself because even the sight of her ugliness could kill mortals. In this demon form, she was known in Java as Ranini or Raksassi Bhatari Durga.1

1. Cedric Le Dauphin; Kriss Handles from Java. Paris, 2023. Pages 64-67.

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19th century, probably originating from Cirebon.


The Hindu mythical brother of Hanuman, the Monkey King.


With floral overlay, kinatah, typical for the period.


Rare old keris handle made into a European wax seal.


A Madurese keris hilt, carved from dark hardwood in the form of a Dutch cuirassier.


With fine flaming pamor blade and notched "cekah redut" hilt.