Language: Ottoman Turkish
Source: Antique object


Haci Gavsî is the name an Ottoman bowyer used to sign a bow made in late 1824 or 1825.

Signed Ottoman bow limb

"Amel-i haci gavsî 1240"

Literally the signature says: “Made by Haci Gavsî 1240”

The year 1240 of the Islamic calendar in use at the time lasted from August 26, 1824 to July 18, 1825.

Haci is a title used by those who went to Mecca during one of two special periods; The ultimate goal of every Muslim. This title is normally followed by a person’s name, but in this case it may be a nickname: "kavs" or "gavs" is the Arabic word for “bow”.

It might translate as “The Pilgrim Bowyer”. I have not been able to find other mentions of this person.

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Signed by its maker Haci Gavsî, and its decorator Tevfik.


With a rare single-edged blade with tight fullering.


Fine German hunting flintlock with captured Ottoman barrel.


An exceedingly rare set with fine mother of pearl inlaid string board


With gold koftgari decorated hilt.


The hilt with remains of silver plating.