Language: Ottoman Turkish
Source: Antique object


Haci Gavsî is the name an Ottoman bowyer used to sign a bow made in late 1824 or 1825.

Signed Ottoman bow limb

"Amel-i haci gavsî 1240"

Literally the signature says: “Made by Haci Gavsî 1240”

The year 1240 of the Islamic calendar in use at the time lasted from August 26, 1824 to July 18, 1825.

Haci is a title used by those who went to Mecca during one of two special periods; The ultimate goal of every Muslim. This title is normally followed by a person’s name, but in this case it may be a nickname: "kavs" or "gavs" is the Arabic word for “bow”.

It might translate as “The Pilgrim Bowyer”. I have not been able to find other mentions of this person.

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Signed by its maker Haci Gavsî, and its decorator Tevfik.


Fine German hunting flintlock with captured Ottoman barrel.


The very detailed mountings are decorated with designs of Japanese spiny lobsters.

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A what? Yes exactly. An extremely rare piece, the only example I am aware of in published collections at…


With an inscription alluding to it having belonged to the son of Tipu Sultan.


Of steel construction with gold overlay. Of a type produced in Rajasthan in the early 1800s.