Language: Cantonese
Source: In common use


Gim () is the name for the Chinese straightsword, from a large two-handed version to a standard size, up to shortswords and daggers.

The defining feature of the jiàn is not only that it's double-edged, but that both edges are exactly the same length. Therefore, a straight sword with a single long edge and double-edged tip section would still be considered a dāo, even if the tip section is completely symmetrical.


Late Qing jianA good jian of the late Qing.


For more information, see the complete article: Jiàn ()

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DescriptionA Mongolian trousse with horn hilted


Typical Chinese hook sword, with seldom-seen fine silver wire overlay.

Price on request

With the swirling arabesque motifs that are typical for this period.


Mounted on a custom hardwood stand


With markings attributing it to the Tongzhou incident and a Japanese surrender tag.


A fine and unusually large tsuba. Attributed to Hizen by the NBTHK.