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Language: Iban (Sea Dayak)
Source: Anthony Richards; An Iban-English Dictionary, 1981.


Duku is the Iban or "Sea Dayak" general word for sword. 

He also states: Duku apang is synonymous to parang ilang, the decorated Kayan sword.This refers to what most collectors today know as the mandau.


Sea Dayak sword

A langgai tinggang, one of several types of swords used by the Sea Dayak.
Private collection.

Also see:

Glossary articles mandau and parang ilang.


1. Anthony Richards; An Iban-English Dictionary. Clarendon Press. Oxford. 1981. Page 15.

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A curious slashing weapon from northern Borneo.


Carved with typically Dayak aso "dog dragon" motifs.


Of typical South Borneo workmanship, but formed like a mandau from Kutai.


With vintage silver mounted scabbard.


This unassuming dagger has one of the finest wootz blades with a tight ladder pattern.


An archaic form of dagger that survived in Afghanistan.