Language: Hindi
Source: In common use

Ḍhāl (ढाल) is the Hindi word for "shield". Indian shields are usually made of cured hide, often buffalo, but for the most prized shields rhinoceros hide was used. All-metal shields are also encountered.

There are usually four bosses on the front, with rings on the back for handle straps. In earlier periods, shields with 1 or 6 bosses are also seen.



Indian shield with and without backlight

Some Indian shields light up a nice amber color in backlight.
This particular shield is Nepalese or Indian for a Nepalese client.
Listed at Mandarin Mansion in 2020.

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Peculiar shield with catching hook, used by the Santali people of Bengal.


Signed: Ricky Milnes, India 44, Burma 44, Ramree 45.


Once belonging to William Fraser (1784-1835), a British civil servant.


Somewhat worn but once very high-quality, with great sculptural qualities and remains of silver "true…


An interesting South Indian style katar with an imported European blade.