Language: Burmese
Source: Period account


Dha-lwé is an alternative spelling for da̱lwe (ဓားလွယ်); a large dha that was worn slung over the shoulder.1

It is also spelled dalwé. According to Bell, it was part of the full uniform of the Burmese soldier.2


Main article: da̱lwe (ဓားလွယ်)



A dha-lhwe

A Burmese dha-lwe


Dha by Saya Pyo

Composite illustration of a dha-lwe made by Saya Pyo of Mindan Village, Yamethin District.
The blade shows the career of the patron saint of Burman smiths, Maung Tin De.


1. Adoniram Judson; Burmese pocket dictionaryAmerican Baptist Mission Press, Rangoon, 1887. Page 244. The transliteration later got standardized by the Myanmar Language Committee to da̱lwe.
2. E.N. Bell I.C.S.; A Monograph on Iron and Steel Work in Burma. Rangoon, Superintendent, Government Printing Burma, 1907. Page 21.
3. Ibid. Page 2.

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On a sturdy, user-grade blade with temper line.


An unusual cross-cultural mix, blending Burmese, Japanese and Indian parts.


With iron ferrule and copper and silver overlaid blade.


Presented by the local Dai nobility to a British customs officer in 1936.


In original condition and period finish. Some losses, no repairs.