Language: Burmese
Source: Secondary reference


Chu-pan describes a type of floral scrolling that consists of a main curling stem with lots of little "hooks". It is described by Sylvia Fraser-Lu as "hook-like foliage".

Dha with chu-pan blade

A Burmese dha with a blade like those made in Mindan village, Yamethin district, with chu-pan motif on the blade.
Sold by Mandarin Mansion in 2020.


Close up of chu-pan motif

Close-up of blade.



The motif appears among others on Burmese lacquerwork and silver overlaid ironwork such as sword blades.


1. Sylvia Fraser-Lu, Burmese crafts, past and present, Oxford University Press, 1994. Page 239.

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Fine silver overlaid dha made in Mindan village, south of Mandalay, gained fame in the 19th century.


With inscriptions on blade, unusual grooves, and brass inlaid copper mounts.


Of a type likely produced by the Shan people and traded widely in the region.


Of the silver overlaid type made in Mindan, with an unusual story on the blade.


With silver overlay on iron even continued on its hilt.


Fine Mindan dha with a scene from the Ramayana on its blade.