Introduction to Bikanēr

The Bikanēr armory is situated in the city of Bikanēr, which in turn lies in the former princely state of Bikanēr. It contains weapons of local manufacture but also a sizeable amount of weapons taken as booty from southern campaigns under Anup Singh.

A substantial part of the armory was sold in the late 20th century to a number of UK antique dealers, and pieces have been circulating in the international antique arms scene since. Various pieces made its way to notable museums like the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Royal Armories in Leeds, and to institutions like the Furusiyya Art Foundation, while others are in private hands.

For an elaborate article on the Bikanēr armory, see: The Bikaner Armory

Arms from the Bikaner armory

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With a hilt that is of typical southern form, with a cupped base and langets.


An interesting South Indian style katar with an imported European blade.


The katar is made of wootz steel and comes from Bikaner.


With a samvat date that corresponds to 1691 A.D.


With great sculptural qualities.


With heavy pierced silver mounts in with archaic dragon designs.

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