Language: Burmese
Source: In general use


Belu are usually man-eating humanoid beings capable of shapeshifting.

There are two main sub-species:

Pan-kike Belu, literally "flower biters". Belu with straight fangs that eat humans. Generally malevolent.

Panswé Belu, literally "flower danglers". Belu with curved or hooked fangs that eat flowers and fruits. Generally benevolent.


Burmese Belu

Watercolour painting by an unknown Burmese artist, 1897.
Bodleian Library, Oxford. Accession number: Ms. Burm. a 5


Belu on a Burmese sword scabbard

Belu on a Burmese sword scabbard.
Sold by Mandarin Mansion in 2016.


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An earlier example with an iconographic hilt.


A rare set of twin knives in a single scabbard.


With intricately carved ivory hilt depicting a demon on a horse.


Presented by the local Dai nobility to a British customs officer in 1936.


Entirely clad in silver and with a differentially heat treated blade.


An old bronze hilt in the shape of chilanum hilts.

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