Language: South Nias
Source: Schröder, 1917


Bekha is the name of a small monkey like figure that often appears on the backs of sword hilts, mainly those of the belato swords of South Nias.1


Bekhu on Nias belato sword hilt

The Nias bekhu as depicted on a South Nias belato sword hilt.


Bekhu on Nias telogu sword hilt

The Nias bekhu as depicted on a South Nias telögu sword hilt.


Various Bekhu

Bekhu on three South Nias sword hilts.

1. Engelbertus Eliza Willem Gerards Schröder; Nias. Ethnographische, geographische en historische aanteekeningen en studiën. Brill, Leiden. 1917. Page 109.

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This peculiar sword was used by the Garo people of Assam for fighting, clearing the jungle, and animal…


Description A rather unusual Vi


With broad silver-clad scabbard, worked entirely in repousse.


With markings attributing it to the Tongzhou incident and a Japanese surrender tag.


Collected by a Russian prince from the hill peoples of central Vietnam in 1892.


With heavy blade and copper alloy hilt and lobed guard.