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Rukai shortsword logo

Fine Taiwanese chieftain's sword

A very ornate example worn by chieftains of the Rukai and Paiwan tribes of Southern Taiwan.
Lalaw sword logo

Large Atayal lalaw sword

A particularly nice example with 120 iron bands holding the blade.
Paiwan tjakit logo

Paiwan tjakit with provenance

It was collected by Laurens Langewis, an early 20th-century ethnographer and author.
Unusual Taiwanese sword logo

Unusual Taiwanese sword

With a straight blade of asymmetrical grind and a strongly Chinese inspired scabbard.
Rukai Taiwan aboriginal knife

Taiwanese aboriginal Rukai knife

A fine example with mother-or-pearl decorated hilt and scabbard.
Taiwanese pingpu knife

Taiwanese Aboriginal Pingpu knife


The Island of Taiwan was briefly under Dutch colonial rule in the 17th century, after which it