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An Indian group of castes. Historically warrior castes.
Moplah logo

Moplah (sword)

Sword of the Mapilla Muslims of the Malabar Coast, South India.
Dastana logo

Dastānā (दस्ताने)

Hindi word for a type of arm protection.
Bazuband logo

Bāzuband (بازوبند)

Persian word for a piece of lower arm protection.
Javelin logo

Arnachellum of Salem

A famed Indian maker of knives, swords, spears, and tableware.
Malabar sword

Kayamkulam vaal

A type of straightsword of the Malabar coast.
Vijayanagara katar

Vijayanagara katar

A peculiar style of hooded push dagger that originated in South India, under the Vijayanagara empire.
The Bikaner Armory logo

Bikanēr armory

An armory in Rajasthan, north India
An Indian khanjarli dagger


Plural of khanjar, meaning "dagger". Due to a confusion, it became the name of a type of Indian dagger with large lunette pommel.
Kapwah logo

Khapwa / Kapwah

An Indian type of dagger.
Chilanum logo

Chilanum (चिलानम)

A type of Indian dagger with a stem-like grip and wide pommel.