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Kaudi logo

Kaudi / kauṛi (कौड़ि)

Alternative names for the kauro, a notch on the khukurī blade.
Unusual khukurī with gold grooves

Unusual khukurī with gold grooves

With a very fine Nepalese blade, but kard-like hilt and scabbard.
Fine hanshee khukuri logo

A fine hanshee

Early type with very shallow notch in the blade and little flare in the pommel.
Fine early kora sword

Very rare early kora

Complete with goatskin-covered scabbard with fine quill embroidery.
Gold koftgari hilted khukuri

Koftgari hilted khukurī

Impressive piece, with Indian-made iron hilt with gold overlay.
Lion pommel kothimora khukurī logo

Lion pommel kothimora khukurī

Unusual example with hilts carved in lionesque heads.
Bone hilted kothimora khukuri logo

Bone hilted kothimora khukurī

The pierced silver mounts with parcel gilding and red velvet backing.
Tool kukri

Khukurī with tools

20th century military khukurī with many different tools in its back pocket.
Dui chirra kukri

Good dui chirra khukurī

Simple piece with a beautiful blade profile.
Graf von Elz kukri logo

Giant kukri of Graf von Elz

Very large presentation kukri from the Sundarijal Arsenal in Nepal.
Mutiny era khukuri logo

A fine mid 19th century khukurī

An understated, elegant khukuri of substantial proportions with fine layered blade.
Palace Museum khukuri

The Palace Museum khukurī

A very important early khukurī kept in the Palace Museum, Beijing.
Newar kukri


Mewari word for khukurī.
Nepalese quill embroidery

Nepalese quill embroidery

Scabbards of antique Nepalese khora swords and khukurī knives sometimes exhibit a peculiar type of embroidery that uses quill strips from peacock feathers.
Kora hilted khukuri logo

Sword hilted khukurī

A rarer variety with a hilt that takes inspiration from the kora and talwar.
Hanshee khukuri logo

Hanshee khukurī (हँसिया खुकुरी)

A commonly used name for an early type of long slender khukurī.
Hanshee khukuri logo

A hanshee khukurī

A rare and sought-after type. This one comes in its original silver mounted scabbard.
Fine 1850s khukurī

A fine 19th century khukurī

With iron, silver overlaid hilt. Its associated scabbard features fine quillwork.
Budhune khukuri logo

A fine budhune khukurī

A fat-bellied variety of the Nepalese khukurī with mirror polished blade and iron handle with fine silver overlay.
Royal Palace Kukri logo

Gold mounted presentation khukurī

Thought to have been presented by the Royal House of Nepal.
Wooden scabbard khukuri logo

Khukurī in wooden scabbard

The scabbard carved as to closely mimic a tooled leather scabbard.
Trousse khukuri logo

A trousse khukurī

Its scabbard with 12 pockets, with 10 of the items remaining.
Khukuri with inlaid hilt logo

Large khukurī with inlaid hilt

Late 19th century with a good, well-made blade.
Early sirupate khukuri logo

An early sirupātē khukurī

With a heavy blade of elegant slender form. Complete with tools.
A military khukuri of the 19th century logo

19th century military khukurī

A workhorse with a stamped mark at the base of the blade.
Half bone hilted khukuri logo

Half bone hilted khukurī

With wide blade and a two-tone hilt in cattle bone and wood, capped with brass.
19th century khukuri

A good old khukurī

Of late 19th century make, with a very good blade.
Ramree Veteran khukurī logo

Ramree veteran khukurī

Signed: Ricky Milnes, India 44, Burma 44, Ramree 45.
Kothimora khukuri

Kothimora khukurī (कोथि मुहुड़ा खुकुरि)

Nepali for a khukurī with an ornamental scabbard.
Signed Kothimora khukuri logo

The khukri of Peter L. Achard

Also known as kothimora khukuri, in a scabbard with repousse silver mounts.
A humble khukurī logo

A humble service khukurī

A 19th-century piece with a simple blade but nicely carved hilt.
Eccentric khukuri logo

An eccentric khukurī

With engraved spine and unusual all brass pommel.

Phaulād (फौलाद्)

Nepali word for wootz, a type of prized crucible steel.
Nepalese steel

Ispāt (इस्पात्)

Nepali word for steel.
Khukuri wood handle

Bhālu kāṭh (भालु काठ)

Nepali word for Chinese Magnolia, the wood used for khukurī handles.
Khukuri hilt wood

Paṭpaṭe (पट्पटे)

Nepali word for the Chinese magnolia wood used to make khukurī handles.
Chain embroidery

Sã̄gle buṭṭā (साँगले बुट्टा)

Nepali word that means "ornamentation in chains".
Dotted work logo

Mākhe buṭṭā (माखे बुट्टा)

Nepali word for a kind of ornamentation consisting of lines of small dots.
Hook work on kukri hilt

Haikale buṭṭā (हैकले बुट्टा)

Nepali word for a kind of ornamentation on a khukri handle, like a succession of hooks
Jire logo

Jire buṭṭā (जिरे बुट्टा)

Nepali word for fluted ornamentation, "like cumin seed".
Belahari work on kukri scabbard

Belahari (बेलहरि)

Nepali word for scrollwork embroidery.
Belahari work on kukri scabbard

Belahari buṭṭā (बेलहरि बुट्टा)

Nepali word for scrollwork embroidery on a khukuri scabbard.

Bel-buṭṭā (बेल्-बुट्टा)

Nepali word for scrollwork embroidery on a khukuri scabbard.
Butta work

Buṭṭā (बुट्टा)

Nepali word for embroidery; braid; filigree work.
Karda logo

Cakmak (चक्मक्)

Nepali word for the small fire striker often carried in the scabbard of a khukurī.
Kukri karda

Karda (कर्द)

Nepali word for the small utility knife carried in the scabbard of a khukurī.
Kukri purse logo

Khisā (खिसा)

Nepali word for the purse carried in the scabbard of a khukurī.

Kothi (कोथि)

Nepali for the silver chape on some khukurī.
Kukri scabbard

Dāp (दाप्)

Nepali word for the scabbard of a khukurī.
Khukuri bolster

Kã̄jo (काँजो)

Nepali word for the bolster of a khukuri.