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Manchu for tūnkǒu (吞口), a collar piece on the base of a sword or saber blade.


Machu for a groove on a blade or arrowhead
Sādài quiver

Sādài (撒袋)

Chinese name for the Manchu style quiver.
Fangshi revival saber logo

Fangshi officer's saber

With a good blade and a set of fittings that exceed the quality of most of this period.
Eight Banners Logo

Bāqí (八旗)

Administrative divisions under which all Manchu households were placed during the Qing dynasty.
Qing dynasty broadhead arrow logo

Pī jiàn (鈚箭)

Chinese name for a class of broadhead arrows. This is an alternative spelling using an archaic character that was reintroduced in the middle of the Qing.
Pijian arrow logo

Pī jiàn (披箭)

Chinese name for a class of broadhead arrows.
Jianruiying logo

Silin dacungga kūwaran

An elite light unit under the Qing dynasty Eight Banners.
Jianruiying logo

Jiànruìyíng (健銳營)

An elite unit under the Qing dynasty Eight Banners, comparable to today's special forces.
Manchu niru arrow logo


Manchu word for a class of broadhead arrows.
Tiger spear logo


An elite unit of Qing imperial guardsmen that accompanied the emperor into dangerous hunting grounds.
Tiger spear logo


A large hunting spear in use by the Qing dynasty Tiger spear division.
Beri logo


Manchu word for "bow".
Huawengang logo

Huāwéngāng (花文鋼)

A type of pattern welding known in English as twist-core.
A Manchu bow from the Changxing workshop diagram logo

Measurements of a Manchu bow

Made in the famous Changxing workshop in Chengdu, which as the subject of Tan Danjiong's (T'an Tan-Chiung) "Investigative Report on Bow and Arrow Manufacture in Chengdu"
A Manchu style bow from the Changxing workshop in Chengdu logo

A Chinese bow by Changxing

Rare extant work of a famous workshop in Chengdu.
A Manchu saber logo

A 17th century Manchu saber

A massive 17th century saber blade with markings in Manchu and Chinese.
Sirdan logo

A Sirdan, or Manchu war arrow

This large and imposing type of war arrow is often compared to a small spear.
Heavy Manchu war or strength bow

Heavy Manchu war or strength bow

With an estimated draw weight of 160-200 pounds.
 Qing Bannerman's helmet logo

Qing Bannerman's helmet

Of a type worn among others by the Valiant Cavalry.
Manchu knife

A large Manchu knife


The Manchu rulers of the Qing dynasty (1644 - 1912) originated in northeast China where their

A Qing imperial quiver

A Qing imperial quiver


From my personal collection.

Qing quiver

Antique Qing quiver

A quiver of the late Qing dynasty.