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Korean eunjangdo

A fine Korean eunjangdo

With all silver construction, including the blade.
Korean bowcase and quiver logo

Korean bowcase & quiver

A very rare matching set of Korean bowcase and quiver.
Vintage Korean horn bow logo

Korean horn bow set

An old Korean hornbow from the 50s or 60s with string and arrows.
Korean jangdo

Golden inlaid Korean jangdo

Made of blackened copper-gold alloy, finely inlaid with poems in pure gold.
Rare Korean saber chilseong geom logo

A rare chilseong-geom

A rare Korean saber with ray-skin grip and scabbard and silver overlaid iron mounts.
Korean war arrow

Rare Korean war arrow

With a large double-edged tip and golden cresting.
Korean guard

A Korean sword guard

Adjusted for use on a Japanese sword.
Korean archery set with hornbow, quivers, arrows, bow bag and string logo

Vintage Korean archery set

Comprising of a bow, arrows, and string sent to the U.S.A. in 1964 plus an associated quiver.
Korean knife or eunjangdo logo

Korean knife or eunjangdo


A small Korean knife called eunjangdo, literally "silver knife".

Korean love lotus guard

"Love of Lotus" Korean guard


Korean ceremonial sabers of the Joseon dynasty are pretty small and often exhi

Antique Korean ceremonial saber logo

Korean ceremonial saber

Of a type referred to as byeolungeom, "sword used by king’s guard officials".
Korean helmet

Imjin wars period helmet


An early type of Korean soldier's helmet.