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William Fraser

William Fraser

A British civil servant who is famous for recruiting Ghurkas and the compilation of the Fraser album.
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Firaṅgī (फिरंगी)

Literally "foreigner", Hindi term for a European sword mounted in Indian hilt.
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Francis Delacour of Paris

Cutler and sword maker in Paris, supplier of imperial swords.
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Pipe-back saber

A distinctive type of European military saber, used from the early 19th to early 20th century.
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The alternative spelling of the Džeferdar, a type of miquelet gun from Montenegro.
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A type of gun from Montenegro with rich mother-of-pearl inlays.
Miquelet lock

Mediterranean lock

An alternative name for the miquelet lock
Miquelet lock


Collector's jargon for a type of lock for a firearm

Manceaux à Paris

A notable French arms manufacturer who also made fine presentation weapons in Asian styles.