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Kachin Ntugalu sword


Kachin name for a long straight sword.
Mainsa dha logo

Mainsa dha

Term coined by Bell in 1907, describing a dha that by then was mainly of Chinese make.
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Hkamti dha (ခန္တီး ဓား)

Burmese trade name of the lin gin, a machete-like sword.
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Hlan (လှံ)

Burmese for spear, lance, or javelin.

Dalwe (ဓားလွယ်)

Burmese type of sword, worn in scabbard slung from the shoulder.
Lin gin

Lin gin (လင်းကင်း)

Burmese for a machete-like that was used widely in Kachin state and Assam.
Shan da logo

Shan da (ရှမ်းဓား)

Burmese word for the Shan sword with pointed blade.
Da̱hmjaun logo

Dahmjaun (ဓားမြှောင်)

Burmese word for their dagger.
Mindan village logo

Mindan, Yamethin

A production center for ornate silver overlaid scissors, dha and other implements.
Mindan dha logo

Mindan dha

Name for fine dha with fine overlaid blades. Named after Mindan village where they were made.
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A mythical Burmese, shape-shifting creature.


A type of Burmese floral scrolling.
Dha shay

Dha shay

A name for the long Burmese dha.
Linkin dha

Linkin dha

Colonial British name A type of dha used by various tribes in northern Burma.
Mahagiri Nat

Mahagiri Nat

A powerful spirit in Burmese folklore. Patron of blacksmiths.
Maung Tin De

Maung Tin De

Burmese "Nat", a spirit. Patron saint of blacksmiths.
Maung Pyo logo

Maung Pyo

A Burmese knife and sword maker known for his fine silver overlay.
Saya pyo

Saya Pyo

Alternative name for Maung Pyo. A Burmese craftsman known for his fine silver overlay.


Burmese for a type of sword worn slung over the shoulder.
Dha hmyuang logo

Dha hmyaung

Alternative spelling of da̱hmjaun, the Burmese word for their dagger.
Dha logo

Dha / da (ဓား)

Burmese word for sword, knife or chopper.