Some time ago, Philip Tom sent me a bunch of his old research files on Asian arms for me to study. Among them this drawing he made, showing the movement of some design influences and how they affected Chinese saber design of the 16th-19th centuries. It is still as relevant as when he drew it about 20 years ago.

Philip Tom drawing saber influences


About Philip Tom

Philip wrote Some Notable Sabers of the Qing dynasty in the Metropolitan Museum of Art published in 2001.

He is also a professional restorer of antique arms. See the Philip Tom restoration page.


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DescriptionAn old Chinese conical helmet of a ty


As worn by Southern Chinese military and militiamen.


Probably of Southern origin, with a straight blade and flaring tip.


In the style of northern work of the 16th and 17th centuries


Chinese work for the Japanese market.


Canton work for the Japanese market, with 28 metal balls in separate compartments.