I'm busy getting ready for my third run on PAN, a show that I have come to love.
I have spent months in preparation for this edition, finding and researching some of this year's finest items to hit my website.

Come and see them first at my stand on:

18 - 26 November

RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam

Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam

Let me know if you need tickets, I have plenty.


Mandarin Mansion at PAN Amsterdam 2022

The PAN 2022 setup. I'm going to try to outdo it this year!


Echizen Kanenori itomaki-no-tachi

One of the stars of the 2023 exhibit.

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Russet iron, one-piece construction with decorative grooves.


Ryutaro was the son of Fukutake Ichirō (1928-2002).


With a very fine Nepalese blade, but kard-like hilt and scabbard.


Early type with very shallow notch in the blade and little flare in the pommel.


Unusual example with hilts carved in lionesque heads.


The pierced silver mounts with parcel gilding and red velvet backing.