As part of Printemps Asiatique, Mandarin Mansion and Zebregs&Roëll of Amsterdam have settled down in a temporary gallery at 13 Rue Mazarine.

Printemps Asiatique

Come see us for a wonderful mix of colonial and Asian decorative arts, early Indonesian jewelry, Japanese lacquer, Asian arms and armor, and many more unexpected treasures.

We remain open until Friday the 16th of June.

Open between 11:00 am-19:00 pm.


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Russet iron, one-piece construction with decorative grooves.


Ryutaro was the son of Fukutake Ichirō (1928-2002).


With a very fine Nepalese blade, but kard-like hilt and scabbard.


Early type with very shallow notch in the blade and little flare in the pommel.


20th century military khukurī with many different tools in its back pocket.


Simple piece with a beautiful blade profile.