A while ago, I came across some of my old report cards with comments from my teachers.
Back then, it wasn't that funny, although I must admit there was already an element of teenage, rebellious pride.

Today, they crack me up! 

Here goes:

Report card


Report 1

Dutch: Elusive.

French: Variable results.

English: No concentration. You're using knowledge you already had, you will not be able to keep this up for long.

History: If you would occupy yourself more with history, and less with other things, the result might be better.

Math: You were doing somewhat better recently, but still, do more of what is asked of you.

Biology: You can/must concern yourself more about your working attitude and work care. Much is lacking there.


Report 2

Dutch: Peter often doesn't know what we are doing.

French: No concentration whatsoever.

English: Misses a large chunk of what goes on in class.

Geography: Peter can do it, but has to come out for it and do his own work. Also more attention to writing neatly.

History: After Christmas things were getting a little better, but recently results are dropping again. You don't put enough effort in class and it shows through the results.

Math: Peter finds it difficult to get his homework in order, carry the right things to class, and writing down the right calculations. Luckily it's getting a little better.

Biology: The results are decent. But Peter needs to show some more effort in class and with doing homework.


Attention Deficit Disorder

About two decades after the above reports, I was diagnosed with ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. It's a bit of a strange name because I have no problems focusing on things that interest me. In fact, I can hyper-focus on them for many hours straight. I just don't seem to have much ability to focus on anything that I don't find very interesting.

So while I basically suck at being an all-rounder, I can outdo many of my peers in studying the things that deeply interest me, obsessively and for more hours than most have the patience for. So if you aspire to be a specialist, ADD might not be a handicap but a superpower.

Pharmaceutical companies tried to sell me all kinds of drugs to "solve" this "disorder," but I prefer just to geek out on things I love, unmedicated.
It all worked out quite well.


Stay positive and productive

This has always been my mantra. Don't complain. Work with what you've got.
We’re all dealt a different hand in this life, and there may be some bad cards in there.
But even a Two can beat an Ace when played right!

Do you have anything for sale?

I might be interested in buying it.

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With gold koftgari decorated hilt.


The hilt with remains of silver plating.


From the knife-making center of Bhera in the Punjab, using finely polished serpentine.


With very fine twisted damascus barrel and enamel silver mounts.


An all-steel Indian mace with a long round cross-section haft and square cross-section hammer tip.


All steel Indian forward curved mace.