With Paris behind me, let's return to the genre that initially started my passion for antique arms.


Manchu Bannerman's huyadao

A Qing military semi-pole arm with Manchu Plain White Banner markings.
With its 1:1 hilt blade ratio it conforms to the regulations of the hǔyádāo (虎牙刀) or "tiger tooth sword". 
To be listed soon.


As a young lad I started practicing Chinese martial arts and continued with studies of the Qing military, especially the Manchus. And so I always have a soft spot for antique Chinese arms, even if they are often far more tool-like and less artsy than the weapons of many other cultures.

In the coming weeks, I will devote some time to list a number of antique Chinese arms I have been hoarding, mainly Qing military and civilian-type weapons that are looking for a new home.

As always, I'll also add some more informative articles for the glossary as well.

Watch this space!

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DescriptionAn old Chinese conical helmet of a ty


As worn by Southern Chinese military and militiamen.


Probably of Southern origin, with a straight blade and flaring tip.


In the style of northern work of the 16th and 17th centuries


Chinese work for the Japanese market.


Canton work for the Japanese market, with 28 metal balls in separate compartments.