With Paris behind me, let's return to the genre that initially started my passion for antique arms.


Manchu Bannerman's huyadao

A Qing military semi-pole arm with Manchu Plain White Banner markings.
With its 1:1 hilt blade ratio it conforms to the regulations of the hǔyádāo (虎牙刀) or "tiger tooth sword". 
To be listed soon.


As a young lad I started practicing Chinese martial arts and continued with studies of the Qing military, especially the Manchus. And so I always have a soft spot for antique Chinese arms, even if they are often far more tool-like and less artsy than the weapons of many other cultures.

In the coming weeks, I will devote some time to list a number of antique Chinese arms I have been hoarding, mainly Qing military and civilian-type weapons that are looking for a new home.

As always, I'll also add some more informative articles for the glossary as well.

Watch this space!

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A Chinese shortsword made by a well-known Longquan maker.


Typical Chinese hook sword, with seldom-seen fine silver wire overlay.

Price on request

With a golden damascened lock of the Indo-Portuguese type.


Of pierced iron, elaborately cut with lotus petal border.


With the swirling arabesque motifs that are typical for this period.


Mounted on a custom hardwood stand