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Translations from Qing regulations

Qing military rattan shield production

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An introduction to NBTHK Japanese sword certifications and rankings.

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A fine twistcore blade in standard pattern Qing military mounts.
Price on request
An old Korean hornbow from the 50s or 60s with string and arrows.
A large Chinese rattan shield called tengpai, used by special front-line troops.
A rare thousand-year-old dagger from the Khmer empire.
Unusual Chinese duanjian with fine gilt mounts and a blade of non-Chinese…
The 9-luk blade of strong proportions is engraved with the face of a demon.
A fine and unusually large tsuba. Attributed to Hizen by the NBTHK.
It represents the best of Burmese silversmithing with repousse work in high…