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Balinese keris blade finishing

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... and it is not even a weapon!

I bought this years ago, off a gentleman who had found it at a flea market in France. It's an octagonal measuring stick, 78.4cm long in…

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A what? Yes exactly. An extremely rare piece, the only example I am aware of in…
With an inscription alluding to it having belonged to the son of Tipu Sultan.
Of steel construction with gold overlay. Of a type produced in Rajasthan in the…
All the designs being true inlay, with almost no losses.
With wootz blade and the jade hilt set with small rubies.
Fine Indian kard with gilt copper alloy hilt, decorated with chiseled flowers.
The hilt is in the typical Marwari Rajput style, made by Ram Namar in 1857 A.D.
Once belonging to William Fraser (1784-1835), a British civil servant.