Welcome! I’m Peter Dekker, researcher at heart, dealer by trade.       
I help museums and private individuals understand and expand their collections.

Each of my pieces is carefully documented to keep serving the community long after they are sold.      
I'm also building a glossary of terminology, a personal notebook made available for all to use.

Enjoy browsing, and do get in touch if I can help with anything.

Current inventory
The Persian wootz blade with fine, high-contrast pattern.
Finished with mother-of-pearl and dated 1907.
Finely forged, rifled, and with gold overlay.
16th-century wootz blade with gold inlays on both sides.
Made in Hyderabad, India, for the Arab market.
The iron-plated hilt has a helmet-shaped pommel and forward projecting quillons.
A well-preserved example with the gold overlay almost entirely intact.
With gold koftgari decorated hilt.