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Chinese arms nomenclature

Glossary of Chinese saber terminology

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With very good pattern welded blade, complete with scabbard.
Of the exact type seen in use by the famous 29th Route Army.
With staghorn grip finely carved with plum blossoms.
With intricately carved ivory hilt depicting a demon on a horse.
Of a late 19th century type with a silver-backed hardwood grip.
A miniature piece meant for use by a small boy.
With charming zoomorphic gauntlet with feline head.
With wide, pattern-welded blade.
With a samvat date that corresponds to 1691 A.D.
A very early example of the type, with locally made rapier style blade.
With a connection to local royalty in Jinchuan, Sichuan province.
Price on request
Made of heavy silk with gilt copper alloy mounts.
With a fine wootz blade with a pronounced center ridge.
Price on request
A rare set of twin knives in a single scabbard.
An earlier example with an iconographic hilt.
Of an early type with dramatic widened shape.